Benefits of Booking Luxury Apartment for Long and Short Stay

Living in a serviced apartment gives you room to work, cook, relax and sleep, and on average, you can expect to enjoy 30% more space than the equivalent quality of a hotel. A typical one-bedroom service apartment is twice the size of the average hotel room.
Value & Save on Longer Stays
Prices for serviced apartments are usually 20% lower than hotel rates for the same standard. Hidden extras (money bars, room service, etc.) cannot be paid here. And since after an extended stay of 28 nights, VAT is reduced to 4% to offer more savings. Many providers also adjust bookings for luxury longstay rentals Rotterdam bookings that are only needed to meet corporate guests' needs from Monday to Friday, which can offer more savings.
Location, Location Location:
Serviced apartments are located in great locations. They are found in every major city in the world. Serviced apartments located in the middle of many tourist destinations and important business districts enable to meet the needs of different customer groups.
You are free to come and go as you wish, enabling you to work things out to meet your schedule. The availability of amenities in the apartment means you can cook whenever you want, work whenever you need to work, entertaining guests, or holding your personal space and business meetings. There is extra space and also on this occasion. You can often find apartments with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms separated by a central living area, which can work well for family, friends, or groups traveling together.
Cooking & Washing Facilities:
If you can get special dietary needs, it is easy, cost-effective, and efficient to have your kitchen. At the very least, serviced apartments have communal laundry, but most have their washers and dryers that allow you to do your laundry. Convenient and cost-saving!
Additional Facilities & Services:
Suppose amenities such as a gym, pool, concierge, restaurant, or bar are part of your trip. In that case, many service owners offer them even more, often competing with hotels' facilities. Serviced apartments make a great alternative!
Additional Services:
Many properties offer the opportunity to welcome bespoke hampers or packs for your arrival, as well as the availability of shopping services where you can choose to deliver goods first. Instead of spending too much on the money bar in the room, you can buy and keep whatever breakfast and drink you want.
Do not vacate apartments because they are boring room boxes. From budget to luxury, there is a range of apartments with luxurious interiors and high-end furnishings. The apartments offer a fully equipped kitchen, high-quality bed linen, towels, and a toilet. First-class home entertainment facilities are available, along with Sky TV and entertainment packages.