Adult Discipleship: Transform your life with the Hopewell Baptist Church

The Hopewell Baptist Church was established in 1972. The church is an autonomous Baptist Church based in Napa, California.

The church has been serving the serving the community by helping individuals know the teaching of Jesus Christ and send them on a path of righteousness.

The teachings are offered weekly, in-person and for those who are far away, streaming services are also available. The language of communication is English and Spanish.

What is the Adult Discipleship program at Hopewell Baptist Church?

The goal of The Discipleship program is to supply and reproduce committed followers of Lord Jesus Christ. This program is based on the teaching of the Bible, intended to administer folks with a solid foundation within the Word of God. If you need a deeper walk with God, in-depth information of His Word, and a stronger affiliation at your native church, you should look into the Adult Discipleship program at the Hopewell Baptist Church.

What can you expect?

The discipleship program at Hopewell Baptist Church is fairly simple. Once you have enrolled for the program, you will be paired individually with a member of the church, someone who is a student of the Lord's Words.

All you need is to bring a pen, a copy of the Bible, and a heart open to receive.

The program is four months long and your partner will impart all his knowledge to you, each day in the Word of the Lord curriculum.

If you have any doubts, you are free to ask questions, share prayer requests, and discuss how the Lord is moving in your life.

The completion of the program brings along a certificate and you shall receive recognition during their regular Wednesday night service.

When Do the Meetings Happen?

The meeting time for the Adult Discipleship program at the Hopewell Baptist Church is every Wednesday night from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

The meetings happen at the church’s Fellowship Hall during the midweek service. You can also take your kids along with you as the church nursery is available during this time.

What is the purpose of the Hopewell Baptist Christian Academy

The goal of Hopewell Baptist Christian Academy is to impart education and discipline to the oncoming next generation in spiritually, intellect, physical capabilities, and make them socially viable.

The Hopewell Baptist Church aims to create students that are well prepared for college and have been imparted all the right Christian values and help them service the Lord.

All the children from kindergarten through to the twelfth grade, all the children have imparted all the great teaching of Jesus Christ and enable them to be strong enough to do the right things in life.

The curriculum is based on the Bible and its teaching. Some features are Chapel Services, Bible classes, and utmost importance to Biblical principles helps instill God’s word into the young minds.

The Hopewell Baptist Church believes that students who are taught about Christianity and the greatness of Jesus Christ, growing into socially viable adults and do well for society.