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How Gutter Helmet Are Surprisingly Effective
Gutter covers from Gutter Helmet Indy are surprisingly effective in keeping gutters and downspouts free of debris and clean, depending on who you talk to. However, proper installation is required to use your gutter guards to their full potential.
Fire Protection - Perhaps unsurprisingly, gutter guards can actually help homeowners from fire risk - especially in areas with large amounts of dry brush and air. When twigs, leaves, pine needles, and rivulets form and dry up, they form a perfect strait, which can easily ignite if a nearby fire, or even a barbeque, is in the pile. When this happens, a fire can burn quickly and set the rest of the house on fire.
A gutter helmet limits this risk, preventing debris from accumulating in the gutter system. Even though debris can slowly build over the gutter guard over time, it has little tendency to pile up into dry clumps. Especially in windy areas, most of the dry debris landing on the gutter guard will be blown off before this risky situation is created.
Ice and freeze prevention - As debris collects in uncontrolled gutters, it builds dams, prevents water from flowing, and creates puddles within the gutter. In cold climates, these puddles can freeze and grow as more rain or snow enters the drain and continues to freeze. Frozen ice dams can be so heavy that they weigh the gutters, causing them to slacken, crack, crack, or completely detach from the roof fascia. By preventing debris from entering the drain and creating a dam in the system, gutter gutters can significantly reduce ice formation in the gutter.
Small amounts of ice can still form in cold weather and according to the climate, but as long as the water can flow easily through the system, large pools cannot form and freeze later, leading to this risk can be reduced significantly. Additionally, adding the gutter guard can actually strengthen the gutter system, making the gutter better able to support the weight of the ice if it accumulates over them.
Corrosion and rust prevention - Preventing the buildup of debris and pooling of water in the gutter system also helps to eliminate the deterioration of gutters. Eliminating water as well as moist leaves and poles within the gutter system can cause mould and rust formation, which can cause permanent damage to the gutters. Over time, mold buildup can remove the surface of the gutter, change the colour of the gutter, and make them appear permanently dirty.
Once the surface of the gutters is worn with mold, it can be nearly impossible to keep them clean as dirt collects more easily and since the mold reappears in one place. Worse, when the gutters begin to rust, they begin to rot. Holes and cracks can begin to form throughout the gutter system where corrosion has formed, leaking water and rendering the gutter useless. Using gutter guards to prevent pools of water and moist debris buildup greatly reduces the risk of rust and gutter erosion.
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