How to navigate the college search?

This is that time of your existence that your mistakes are not limited to getting locked in your bedroom for a week and magically everything is back to normal. It is the time you can feel yourself growing up, like the expansion of bones and brain.

Finding the college is no more following fathers and grandfathers legacy to lead the generation-long college but more focused on what and how you believe to see your life as. And for that, you do not need a private education counselor but a couple of hours on the internet and a crystal clear path to your dream college is paved here!

The very first thing to do before applying for a shortlisted college is to timeline the process.

The first 4 years of high school to be involved in college prep. This will allow you to be ready for your college beforehand, just like stretching before working out.

Know that college can take months and time just flies; be prepared with the top 5 colleges.

You can start exploring colleges now online too, plan a virtual visit and start exploring the options. Did you check out CollegeBatch? I think that’s where you need to start your search for a college.

It’s best to have a wish list, a list of things that you would like in your college days. And be open to discussions and take advice from family and friends. It is always best to listen, especially when you are making a life decision.

Find out the best options for you keeping in mind, what would you be majoring in? Academic excellence is the first priority, depending on your goal.

External facilities are secondary, but you need to have a good time too. So, mention the pros and cons under each college’s name. This makes you closer to your college.

End of the day, your education is for earning your living. You would need to fi d your college connection to jobs. Evaluate the probability of you making it through the college and go for it.

You also do not want to be overburdened with debt from college fees, making mature decisions will help you a lot of peaceful nights than dealing with student loan later on.

The perfect college for you should be able to bring you closer to your goal. As that’s the most important factor and your priorities should be sorted.

Consider the location, understanding all the aspects of financial and emotional strain, an ideal location can be considered.

Always remember to be before the deadline. There are many events held for college searches such as college fairs and online seminars, and then you can socialize and know more about your options before selecting the college.

Colleges are the first step to help you walk towards your goal and hence, you witness people having absolute clarity about their college. The key to navigate your college is to explore the options and take advice, and doing your research before applying. After all, we know your college is already built and active, all that’s needs for you is to find it and do some homework to confirm if that’s the building you have been looking for?