Applications Open To Hong Kong Graduates In Canada To Request a New Work Visa

Hong Kong Graduates of Canadian Universities may request a new three-year work permit category.

Under the new Hong Kong work visa rules, any Hong Kong resident who graduated from a Canadian university over the past five years can apply to work for up to three years. Those who have equivalent foreign diplomas are also eligible.

The Government Of Hong Kong Publishes National Security Guidelines For Schools.

Recipients of visas will also be offered a transition means more easily to permanent residence.

"Canada continues to stay on the shoulder with Hong Kong residents and is deeply concerned about the new National Security Act and the deterioration of the human rights situation," said the government in a statement.

After China imposed the law, Ottawa quickly switched on its extradition treaty with Hong Kong and prohibits the export of sensitive military articles.

What Is The British Citizenship Offer For Hk Residents?

Hong Kong residents currently in Canada temporarily, including visitors, students, and workers, can apply online for visas. Eligible spouses or fact partners, as well as dependent children, may also request a study or work permit.

The Canadian government plans to implement two other permanent routes of residence for Hong Kong people later this year: one for HK residents with at least one year of professional experience in Canada that meet certain language requirements and Education and the other for Hong Kongoners who have graduated from post-secondary institutions in the country.

Hong Kong Holds The First Day Of National Security Education As Groups Of Local Student Concern, The "Brainwashing Day.

Some Hong Kong High School Investigations Groups called for a boycott for National Security Education Day, calling it a "brainwashing day".

Schools organized flag breeding ceremonies and sang the Chinese national anthem as bookmarks and stickers on the National Security Act were given to students and teachers today.

A group of concerns from the local student suggested on social media that students "resist washing the brain" by looking for the following during the flag collection ceremony, throwing documents given to them on the law, and refusing to Sing the national anthem in March volunteers.

As Hong Kong students, we must protect our home, no matter the low freedom we have on campus," one of the groups said.

Students from a total of 454 primary and secondary schools were also needed to carry out an online questioning contest that tests their knowledge of the People's Republic of China and the National Security Act.

A participant in the contest, a secondary student of the co-educational of St. Paul, said everyone in his school was invited to do the quiz and watch a video related to national security a few days before April 15th.