Can't last long in bed? Know the reasons and remedies
Premature ejaculation is quite a common sexual dysfunction in men. It is an involuntary reflex that prevents them from controlling the ejaculation while performing sexual intercourse, not being able to identify the phases of sexual arousal, and ejaculation occurring before or very shortly after penetration.
As in other sexual dysfunctions, we must differentiate the primary premature ejaculators from the secondary ones.
The primary ones are those in which the problem begins from adolescence and have never had a good relationship with a partner. The secondary ones are characterized by developing the condition over time.
Even though it is a disorder that many men suffer with, the fear and shame in talking about it makes many not see medical or psychological consultations to overcome it.
Many adverse psychological effects are triggered by premature ejaculation because of emotions such as anger, frustration, shame, anguish, etc. They manifest themselves from the beginning, increasing the probability of causing depression.
Reasons for premature ejaculation
Different reasons justify premature ejaculation. Below are some common one.
The hypersensitivity of the male gland.
The weakness of the pubococcygeus muscle is another cause that justifies the condition. The muscle is responsible for interrupting the flow of urine and increases control over orgasm, interrupting or retracting the one that occurs.
Suffering from erectile dysfunction can lead to premature ejaculation. If you need help and consultation on this, check out for a comprehensive explanation, consultation, and treatment.
Anxiety, fear, or stress before the sexual act.
Problems in the couple.
Premature ejaculation - Treatment
As in all sexual dysfunctions, men should get medical tests done to rule out any physical cause that justifies the disorder. Generally, in the vast majority of cases, the condition is warranted by psychological reasons, which can be treated.
After ruling out medical causes, the psychologist will carry out an evaluation that makes the patient understand what is happening to him.
After understanding the problem and highlighting the negative role of the continuous self-evaluation, the person is taught different techniques to help him control ejaculation.
Some of them are described below
The tension and release method involves sexual stimulation until the man recognizes that he is about to reach orgasm, stopping the stimulation at that moment till it ceases, approximately thirty seconds and then resume it.
The exact process will continue, repeating it in several batches until the man finally wants to ejaculate.
The method can be modified in case a couple is involved. During the intercourse, when the man feels he is about to ejaculate, the couple must stop and let the man relax for while. The process can be repeated as many times, until the man wants to ejaculate.
The condition described above is nothing to be ashamed of and in most cases, pride and shame deter men from speaking to a professional. Therefore, it is really important that the couple communicate among themselves and seek professional help if the problem persists.
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