How To Build Your Resume Appropriately: Follow The Steps

Creating an effective resume is the very first step before thinking of getting a job. Basically, a resume is generally a one-page summary of the applicantโ€™s work, education, and experience. Employers generally focus on the resume to choose the right candidate for the job opening that is available with them.

Here is how a resume should be built:

Firstly, you need to decide which type of resume you would want. There are three types of resumes:

Functional: In this format of resume, a candidate lists his or her experiences according to his or her skills. This format is generally used if a candidate is changing their career path.

Chronological: This is the traditional format of making a resume. In this type of resume the candidate lists their experiences in the order, they took place.

Combination: A combination resume is the one that combines the best aspects of both Functional and Chronological resumes.

Creating a Header: A resume header should include the candidate's name, email ID, and contact details.

The phone number that the candidate mentions in a resume should be the one that he or she plans to answer.

The email address that the candidate mentions in the resume need to be professional.

Write a summary: The candidate's work needs to be summarized in two or three sentences. A summary does not need to be included in the experience speaks for itself.

Make a list of your experiences or skills: Starting with the most recent to the oldest, the candidate needs to list his experiences and skills in the resume.

List the activities: The candidate needs to list down the activities that he or she has participated in and also mention the roles that the candidate has played in that activity.

List the Education Qualification: The candidate needs to mention the school that he has attended. Also, the college attended by the candidate needs to be mentioned. The scores that the candidate has attained also need to be mentioned in the resume.

Awards won by the candidate: All the awards or special medals etc. won by the candidate need to be mentioned in the resume. In case the candidate has not received any award, he or she can easily skip this section.

List of personal interests: The candidate needs to make a list of his or her personal interest and also mention that in his resume so that the employer gets to know the candidate in a better manner. Writing nice and interesting content in this section would make the employer want to work with the candidate more.

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