Questions you should ask from HVAC Contractor!

The selection of the HVAC Contractor should be based on a projected long-term contractual agreement between the contractor and the manager. The contractor and facilities manager must work as a team in executing the awarded contract.

Things to keep in mind before selecting the best HVAC contractor for your needs.

The integrity of the contractor.

Contractor's experience Do you have similar references?

How big and deep is the contractor's experience?

What does the contractor offer from the point of view of execution, supervision, and the skills of specialized technicians and their assistants?

The following criteria should be carefully reviewed to determine the contractor's ability when it comes to selecting the HVAC contractor.

The project manager of the HVAC contractor should be in the team for at least 3 years. The contractor needs to be aware of the skills of the proposed manager for the project.

The contractor should be able to provide enough trained supervisors to handle the work with good work experience.

The contractor should provide supplemental and/or specialized supervisors in case a need arises.

Make sure that the contractor has full knowledge of the basic skills of each specialized technician and his assistants, as well as their special skills and abilities.

The contractor needs to have a plan to meet safety standards.

A competent HVAC contractor has the required equipment, tools, and facilities required to support the operation.

It is difficult for the facility manager to obtain complete and detailed answers to the points that we have mentioned above. There are certain contractors that willing to exaggerate when their capabilities are mentioned to favor the selection of the HVAC contractor.

The Facilities manager needs to dig deep and take a β€œshow me” attitude. Make sure you get a true story before jumping to conclusions when making your HVAC contractor selection.

A good measure of the contractor's ability is its overall effectiveness.

Questions you should ask a probable HVAC Contractor

Have you been able to repeat the job consistently for other facilities managers in the area?

Have you received a fair amount of work from area administrators?

Conduct research

Finding other facility managers on LinkedIn can be a good idea. LinkedIn makes finding other facility managers of similar companies and close to your area of activity to which you can ask.

Also, you can exchange valuable information with whom you have a connection on LinkedIn, it is a kind of mutual reference system.

Besides, Facilities managers should request financial information about contractors, not only to verify that the contractor is fiscally sound but to measure the company's progress in terms of profits.

The ability to consistently earn reasonable profits is conclusive evidence of a well-run organization.

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